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Small-Size Wood Crushing Machine

Small-Size Wood Crushing Machine


Introduction of small-size wood crushing machine:
  1. Small-size wood crushing machine is the optimal equipment for preparing raw materials for the pressed wood pallet and compressed pallet block production.
  2. The structure of small-size wood crusher is reasonable and the energy consumption is very low. Meantime, it also can meet the environment-protection standards.
  3. PalletMach changed the internal structure of small-size wood crushing machine, which aiming at preparing the raw materials for molded wood pallet and pallet block.
  4. Small-size wood crusher is with the advantages of easy operation and maintenance, low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity and good economic benefits.
Technical parameters of small-size wood crushing machine:
Small-Size Wood Crushing Machine
Model Capacity (kg/h) Power (kW) Feeding size (mm) Weight (kg) Dimension (cm)
PM-500 200-300 15 150*160 300 120*70*73
PM-600 300-1000 18.5-22 160*180 800 130*98*73
PM-800 1000-2000 37-45 200*220 1400 200*100*130
PM-1000 2000-3000 55-75 300*320 2200 230*175*230
PM-1200 3000-4000 75-90 350*400 3200 260*200*240

What are the raw materials that small-size wood crushing machine can process?
Small-size wood crushing machine can process pine, miscellaneous wood, lumber, Chinese fir, original bamboo and other materials.
At the same time, small-size wood crusher also can crush bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalks and other fiber stalk materials. It can process all kinds of twigs, slats, small-diameter core wood, scraps, wood chips and other materials into the specified size wood crushing products at one time.

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