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6 Advantages of Presswood Pallets Over Wooden Pallets

Presswood pallets, also known as molded wooden pallets, are made of wood by products such as waste pallets, raw wood shavings, wood waste, sawdust and any other material containing wooden fibre.

Their unique design means that they can hold substantial load capacities, whilst also being relatively lightweight. They are also both stackable and nestable, helping to reduce storage space and freight costs during shipment.

Space Saving

  • Same size pallets can be nestable when stacking.
  • Height of 55 pieces reach about 2.2 meters, saving 70% space.
  • As comparison, traditional wooden pallets height is 7 meters.

One-piece Design

  • One-time molding press
  • No bending, and no nail
  • Smooth appearance can protect product and package.

High Performance Loading Capacity

  • Static load 4-6 tons
  • Dynamic load 1.5 tons
  • Test report signed by CPRTC

Safe and Durable

  • Round edges design with reinforcing rib
  • Long pallet service life
  • Suitable for most work environment.

Advantage for Export

  • Produced by high temperature and high pressure
  • Meet ISPM15
  • Free fumigation and free inspection

Recyclable and Reused

  • Broken pallets are recyclable and reused
  • Crushed pallets can be raw materials for new pallets

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