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Disk type wood chipper machine

Disk type wood chipper machine

Capacity:3-10 t/h

1. Large capacity
2. Easy installation and maintenance
3. Qualified rate of wood chips is more than 85%
  1. Disk type wood chipper machine is used for crushing waste wood logs, bamboo shelves, brackets, wood bark pieces etc.
  2. The whole disk type wood chipping machine takes one linkage control to conveying, feeding, clamp and crushing.
  3. Precise capacity depend on the size of chips.
  4. Disk type wood chipping machine has a higher requirement on thickness of the raw materials, and the outing of the materials is more uniform.

Disk type wood chipper machine has simple structure, mainly consists of one large disc with four or six blades. The blades move circularly with the disc. The raw materials enter the cavity from the feeding port and encounter the blades with high speed.

Then, the blades chip raw materials continuously. Meantime, the disc produces strong airflow in high-speed rotation, and sent the finished product to the discharge port. After that, the final product is discharging.

Disk Type Wood Chipper Machine Structure Feature

1. Disk type wood chipper machine adopts low-voltage or high-pressure motor, and large-size wood chipper drives by pulleys drive and direct drive. Wood chipping machine has two feeding types like horizontal type and inclined type. Meantime, there are two ways of discharge, such as the upper discharging and the lower discharging.

2. Disk type wood chipper machine has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, convenient operation and maintenance and high production capacity, and so on. And it is the domestic most advanced disc wood chipper. Besides, the length of wood chips can be freely adjusted within the specified range and the quality of the chips is high.

3. Disc type wood chipper machine has high output, and the customers can choose their own models according to their needs.

4. Disk type wood chipping machine consists of the machine frame, cutter, feeding inlet, shell, electric control system and other components.

5. PalletMach updates annually, and continuously improves product quality of disk type wood chipping machine, in order to meet the market requirements of high-quality, cost-effective, and high-grade. Disc-type wood chipper cutter adopts wear plates. In addition, fly knives, dead knives, and fly knives bolts are made of special steel.

6. The final wood chips are the same length and thickness with uniform. The size of wood chip size is: 15 ~ 20 mm in length, 3 ~ 5 mm in thickness, and the width is less than 20 mm. At the same time, the qualified rate of wood chips is more than 85%. What’s more, the length of wood chips can be adjusted to meet the size of the users’ needs.

Disk Type Wood Chipper Machine Model Parameter

Disk Type Wood Chipper Machine
Model PMDX-800 PMDX-1000 PMDX-1200 PMDX-1400
Capacity (t/h) 3-5 4-6 6-8 8-10
Main power (kW) 30 37 45 55-75
Cutter diameter (mm) 800 1000 1200 1400
Feeding port size (mm) 200*200 300*320 330*350 360*370
Max feed diameter (mm) Φ190 Φ290 Φ330 Φ350
Total weight (kg) 1680 2720 3560 4120
Dimensions (mm) 1800*700*1200 2100*1000*1300 2200*1200*1850 2600*1300*1900

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