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Cable Reeling Machine

The information age has made our communication very smooth, and cables have played an extremely important role in the process of the world entering the information age from the industrial age. In the construction of the information society, the demand for cable reels capable of winding cable wires is increasing. The cable reel is a reel that can help enterprises to wind wires and cables. It is widely used in oilfield mining, construction, machinery manufacturing, technology research and development, port transportation, national defense construction and many other fields.

wood cable reel

At present, the existing cable trays, wire trays, cable pads, etc. on the market are generally made of pure solid wood, and the wooden boards are usually connected by nails and iron plates. Such cable reels are expensive. Because the cable reel is used outdoors for a long time, it often encounters problems such as bulging when exposed to water and deformation when exposed to sunlight. Often the project is not over, and the wire and cord spools are damaged, which will cause other adverse consequences such as project delay. Nails on solid wood cable reels can easily scratch cables.

In order to solve a series of problems of solid wood cable reels on the market, our company has invested heavily to develop a new type of environmentally friendly molded cable roller machine. This new type of equipment can use various waste wood chips and crop straws to produce molded cable reels. This kind of cable Plate costs are very low and raw materials are readily available. And it can withstand the wind and the sun, it will not crack when it encounters water, and it will not deform when exposed to the sun. It solves a series of drawbacks of the solid wood cable tray on the market. At the same time, waste wood is used to produce molded cable trays, which increases the utilization rate of renewable resources and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

cable reel

Introduction of cable reel machine

The cord reel machine mainly uses waste wood, sawdust, shavings and straw as raw materials to produce molded cable spools. The equipment is simple in structure and easy to operate, and can produce various types of molded cable reel. The sawdust cable reel press consists of hydraulic system, electrical system, mould part and structural frame part. The hydraulic system provides enough pressure to the cable reel press to produce molded cable reels, and the electrical system controls the operation of the entire machine. The mold is the core part of the machine. The raw material after mixing glue heats up in the cable reel mold, and is finally molded into a cable reel under the action of the hydraulic system. By customizing different cable reel molds, it can produce cable reels with various specifications and sizes. Customers can choose the appropriate type of machine according to their needs.

cable reel machine

Raw materials for cable reel equipment

The raw materials of the molded cable reel can be waste wood, wood chips, sawdust, shavings, logs, planks, branches, wood chips, waste wood pallet cable reels and wood processing residues, etc. It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp stalks, cotton stalks, reeds, etc.). Any fiber-rich raw material can be used to produce molded cable reels, such as straw, bamboo, palm, wheat straw, bagasse, miscanthus, etc. Before the raw material is mixed with glue, it needs to be pulverized to the size required for production, so that the fibers of the raw material are neat and consistent, so that the produced cable reel will be more beautiful. The raw materials for wooden cable reels are usually readily available and the production cost is low.

The process of cable reeling machine

The cable reel equipment is a set of cable reel forming machinery independently developed by our company. The raw materials of the machine are different, and the processing technology is also different. Usually, the raw material needs to be dried with a drum dryer, mixed with glue, and then hot-pressed to form a cable tray at one time. Driven by the hydraulic system, the upper and lower dies of the cable reel press are closed, and the cable reel is formed by extrusion through the die.

Cable reel equipment parameters

Processing sawdust: 3 tons/day
Cable reel size: 1m-1.5m
Cable reel output: 240 pieces/day/set

Advantages of Molded Cable Reels

The cable reel molded with glue and wood shavings does not bulge , and the board has a very high strength, and has waterproof and anti-exposure functions. Soaking, etc. remain unchanged. Usually, the solid wood cable reel needs to be fumigated, but this molded cable reel is a fumigation-free , does not contain pests and diseases, and the raw materials are all recycled materials, which contributes to environmental protection.

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