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Wood Pallet Stringer Notching Machine

Wood Pallet Stringer Notching Machine

Capacity: 360-1200 pcs/h

1. Easier notching with high efficiency
2. Simple operation for one worker only
3. Wood shavings collection for reuse
4. Siemens motor

The wood pallet stringer notching machine is mainly used for production of wood pallet that is specifically known as “American standard wood pallet” with notches on stringers allowing four-way lifting by forklift or lift truck. This stringer notching machine is of high quality and efficiency with automatic operation of longitudinal cutting pairs of smooth notches in the same size at one time.

wood pallet stringer notching machine
Single head

The wood pallet stringer notching machine is a special step in the wood pallet production to notch pallet stringers in order to allow four-way lifting by forklift or lift truck. This machine can cut notches in various sizes, and it also can be customized according to specific demands.

  • 1) The cutting heads are made of alloy material with high hardness, wear resistance, strength, toughness, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance ensuring high performance for long term.
  • 2) This notching machine can cut standard sized notches with high precision but also can be adjusted for specific specifications. The notches are smooth without roughness or burrs.
  • 3) This notching machine is safer for operation equipped with automatic discharging mode and reliable security protection, and the workers operation completely without touching the cutting head.
  • 4) This notching machine is of high quality, efficiency and productivity. It can dramatically improves automation and output of wood pallet factory by replacing traditional way of production.

wood pallet stringer notcher
Double head

Automatic double-head notching machine for wooden pallets

  • 1) Notching length is adjustable, and the max notching length is 370 mm.
  • 2) The cutting blade is adjustable, can easy to change cutter, and cost-effective.
  • 3) The machine’s knife adopts hard alloy material, with high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance.
  • 4) Continuous feeding and automatic discharging platform, can double slot opened at the same time, the excavated area smooth without coarse, standard size, and high precision.
  • 5) Reliable safety protection device, so the worker operation no touch knives with high security.

Wood pallet stringer notching machine parameter

Model PMKC-400 TYKC-1800
Overall dimension 1100*1100*1000 mm 2500*1300*1500mm
Stringer length Unlimited Less than 1400mm
String thickness 40-60 mm 40-60 mm
Stinger width 80 mm 80 mm
Max notch depth 230 mm 230 mm
Max notch width 45 mm 50 mm
Capacity 360-720 pieces/hour 720-1200 pieces/hour
Main motor power 11 kW 30 kW
Net weight 300 kg 800 kg

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